Core Steel

The purpose of a transformer core is to provide a low-reluctance path for the magnetic flux linking primary and secondary windings.

Introduction of Thermal Loading and Cooling Types of Transformers

Transformer overloads can occur during contingency conditions that are the product of one, two, or various system elements being isolated from the power the system

What Is DDP (Diamond Dotted Paper) And What Is The Correct Drying Process?

When it comes to transformers and their manufacturing process, as a designer you need to know many transformer components very well. In our second article, our topic will be DDP, which should be known very well.

What is HTC Transformer?

HTC transformers, consisting of the initials of the "High-Temperature Compact Transformer" nomenclature, are electrical machines designed with NOMEX insulating materials and Silicon or Midel oil blended with advanced technology, allowing larger power ratings to be used in smaller volumes.

Need help for MV and HV Instrument Transformers?

As Opti-Consult, we extended our consultancy services for MV and HV Instrument Transformers also. Two experts who have more then 45 years experience in this field joined our team!

We are at Cwieme-Berlin 2018

Do you want over 10% cost saving on your transformers?
Opti-Consult experts will be in Cwieme-Berlin as visitor between dates 19-21th June 2018 to meet with possible transformer manufacturers to help them decrease their design and manufacturing costs!

We are “Engineer of the Year-2018”

Congrats Allan! We are pleased to announce that our founder Mr. Allan Van Hoecke won the price of "Engineer of the Year" in Cwieme Global Awards 2018-the most prestigious awards of transformer sector. Price was collected by Mr. Hakan Aktay-our design expert- on behalf of Mr. Allan. We will continue to decrease the design and production costs of transformer manufacturers all over the world!