High Temperature Compact (HTC) Transformers Project with Dupond

  • HTC Transformer is new high-tech design using
  • NOMEX® thermal technology
  • Silicone fluid or MIDEL® (high temp class K liquid)
  • Slimmer, lighter and more compact
  • Increased reliability, safety and performance
  • More value for money
  • Customized solutions
  • Or reduced weight for the same power rating up to 30%
  • Easier to handle, install and remove, reduced transport & installation costs per unit
  • In windmill application: installation on-site and in-tower using existing small access doors.
  • In compact substations: higher power ratings in existing small-footprint units. Flexibility in upgrading the power of existing installations.

Solar System Transformers Load Cyclye Project with Dupond

Transformers for solar applications are different from normal transformers in two ways. There is the possibility of a considerable amount of harmonic content due to DC/AC conversion and there is a typical daily loading cycle that is dependent on the daily sunlight cycle. The daily sunlight can be typically described as a bell-curve. Both phenomena will have an impact on the temperature rise of the different transformer parts. Two tools have been developed to predict the impact of the harmonics and to take the cyclic daily load into account.