Essentially transformer manufacturers want their design programme to be able to make round, oval, Aluminium, Copper windings and is capable of making designs with different grades of core materials.

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Design Optimization

Transformer manufacturers want to be sure that the design is the most optimum one with the given weights and dimensions in terms of material cost based on given technical specifications.

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Usually transformer design programme sellers are offering a package programme that can not be customized but manufacturers want it to be fully customizable.

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Short Design Time

Transformer manufacturers want the design (electrical and mechanical) finishes as quickly as possible.

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Safe Design

Transformer manufacturers also want to be sure that the design is the safest design in terms of electrical characteristics.

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Turn to Account

Transformer manufacturers usually want to turn their existing materials waiting in their stock to account. In most cases using an existing material in the design descreases the delivery time and also lead to a better stock management.

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Human Independency

Transformer manufacturers want to be independent from human beings. They want to save from engineering costs to make design process as automatic as possible.

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Extra Desing/Analysis

Transformer manufacturers want to design/analysis various type of transformers so that they will have competitive advantages against their competitors.

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Transformer Calculations

Transformercalculations.com is a joint venture enterprise of two companies, Opti-Consult-Belgium (www.opti-consult.org) and Zenithar Foreign Trade and Consultancy-Turkey (www.zenithar.net), which both have extensive knowledge and experience about transformer design and production.

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OPTI-CONSULT provides complete transformer engineering consulting services for its esteemed customers all over the world. Our team has more than 25 years of experience in transformer sector with the background in very well-known transformer companies like Pauwels, CG, Ganz etc.

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